Connected Manufacturing
Hoffmann Group
from €250 / month
The innovative software is the simple solution for digitizing the production and helps you to overcome everyday challenges in your production.


  • Clear overview in production
  • Simplified Workflows
  • Measurable Cost Reduction & Increased Productivity
  • Damage & Failure Prevention
  • Can be canceled monthly

Keep track and start

Clear overview in production

Overview of all tools and their parameters. Overview of machine status and pending tasks.

Measurable Cost Reduction & Increased Productivity

Improve tool deployment planning and utilization. Optimize inventory. Employees focus on efficiency improvements.

Simplified Workflows

Reduction of search and waiting times. Central production documentation as well as automatic transfer of tool parameters.

Damage & Failure Prevention

Transmission Error / Typing Error Avoidance. Synchronization of data avoids potential machine collisions. Live Tracking.

Enormous efficiency gains in tool preparation

Assembly, measurement and transmission of measured values quickly and absolutely error-free.

This makes the tool preparation really efficient

Hoffmann Group "Connected Manufacturing” shows Quick and clear which tools to use Available, which must be installed And where tools are located. Tool information can be scanned quickly are displayed and submitted.

Time and cost savings during production

With the Hoffmann Group Connected Manufacturing, you can keep an eye on tool life and wear at all times.

Zero-defect strategy in the manufacturing process

Direct transfer of tool data, fast and without potential for error. Changes in runtimes, tool offsets, or Tool life is always synchronized in real time.

Huge time savings and measurable cost reduction

Tool usage data is always synchronized by the machine and when used again transfer back to the machine control. Hoffmann Group "Connected Manufacturing” shows all tools in each machine magazine and transmits their status. Tools can be prepared in time before reaching a wear limit.

Find your Connected Manufacturing package

You can get started right away without major investments and effort. Our subscription model does not include hidden costs and can be terminated and adapted at any time. Set up in your business is quick and our easy-to-use software makes it easy to get up and running immediately after a short training session with your staff.

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Release Machine control
Coming soon


Machines with a Fanuc "30i-A", "30i-B", "21i-B", "18i-B", "16i-B" and "0i-F" controllers can be connected.
Release Machine control
Q3/ 2022


Machines with a Mazak "smooth", "MATRIX" and "MATRIX 2" controllers (each Mazak-API interface) can be connected.
Release Preset device
Q2/ 2022


A wide range of presetting devices from HAIMER can now be connected to Connected Manufacturing.
Release Resource Overview
Q2/ 2022

Resource management

Due to the enhancements in the area "Manual Tasks" and "External Taks", individual overviews can now be created by each user. Similarly, individual resources can be grouped into individual work areas.
Release CAM Update
Q2/ 2022


Tool data from Esprit can be imported into Connected Manufacturing
Release HCT-App
Q1/ 2022

Connected Manufacturing functions in the HCT app

Links and picklist functionality available in the Hoffmann Group connected tools app. For Apple and Android
Release CAM Update
Q2/ 2021


Tool data from TopSolid can be imported into Connected Manufacturing
Release CAM Update
Q1/ 2021

Siemens NX

Tool data from Siemens NX can be imported into Connected Manufacturing
Release CAM Update
Q4/ 2020


Tool data from Hypermill can be imported into Connected Manufacturing
Release CAM Update
Q3/ 2020

Generic CAM Import

Tools can be imported into Connected Manufacturing via an EXCEL form.
Release CAM Update


Heidenhain iTNC 530, TNC 640 (option 18 respectively) Siemens 840D SL, 828D (with OPC UA respectively)
Presetting Device
Release CAM Update

Presetting Device

Garant VG1 Zoller (from Pilot 3) Kelch
Release CAM Update

Output System:

Garant Tool24
Release CAM Update

CAM Systems:

Tebis Mastercam SolidCAM
Connected Manufacturing Basic
Software package + service hotline
Monthly cancellation • no user limit • upgrade possible
per month
Order overview and order control
Tool imports from CAM systems
Storage management with inventory overview
Simple and clear tool requirements at order level
Manage and localize the plant train inventory
Connected Manufacturing
Software package incl. 5 machine interfaces + service hotline
per month
Service life monitoring with complete tool history
Live machine status
Download optimized NC programs from the milling machine
Synchronization of tool parameters
Send NC programs to a milling machine
Including all features of the basic package

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