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What is Connected Metrology?

Connected Metrology is a software solution from the Hoffmann Group that focuses on the management of measuring equipment and quality assurance in manufacturing companies. This software helps companies to efficiently manage their measuring instruments and test equipment, organise calibration processes and ensure compliance with quality standards.

Who is using Connected Metrology?

Connected Metrology is used by companies in various industries, especially those that have to comply with strict quality controls and standards. These include manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, medical and other precision-dependent industries. Quality managers, metrologists and technicians are typical users of this software.

How does Connected Metrology work?

The Connected Metrology software enables the systematic recording, tracking and management of measuring equipment. It stores information about each measuring device, including calibration data, usage history and location. The software automatically reminds users of upcoming calibrations and monitors compliance with calibration cycles. By using barcodes or RFID technology, the software can ensure efficient identification and tracking of measuring equipment. This helps to ensure the quality and accuracy of measurements on the shop floor while documenting and facilitating compliance with regulations and standards.

Image of a measuring device

Modules and functions

Measuring equipment management

You always have an overview of all measuring equipment and its current calibration status. You are informed directly when measuring equipment is due.

Detailed view

All master data can be viewed directly on the measuring device. Images and other documents such as maintenance contracts can be stored. As well as calibration instructions for your service provider.


By equipping storage locations with scannable codes (e.g. barcodes, DMC or QR codes), you can link measuring equipment directly to the new location when it is issued. This allows you to keep track of which tool is where at all times.

Digital calibration orders

Calibration orders can be transmitted digitally to Hoffmann. Protocols are automatically imported when calibration is complete.

DMC on every measuring device

Hoffmann equips each measuring device with a Data Matrix code during calibration, which you can use to immediately identify each tool with a scanner or mobile phone app.

Cloud application

No installation is required. You can use Connected Metrology on any device with an up-to-date browser. Different rights can be assigned to individual employees.

Images and videos

Overview of measuring equipment management
Detailed view
Digital calibration orders
DMC on every measuring device
Cloud application


Can my old database be migrated?

If you can export a list in Excel format (xls or csv) from an existing system, migration is possible. Only master data that is already supported as parameters in Connected Metrology (e.g. ID number, measuring range, cost centre) can be transferred. This may require some preparation on your part, as each system generates a different export structure. However, we will provide you with support in the form of instructions that will simplify the migration as much as possible. Automatic migration of historical calibration records is not yet possible. A VDI interface will be available in the near future.

Can protocols from service providers other than Hoffmann also be managed?

It is possible to upload PDFs of any origin. Each report can be supplemented with metadata on the calibration result and calibration date. If you have created an order in Connected Metrology that was carried out by another service provider, you can upload ZIP files with a VDI 2623-compliant data set directly in the order. The individual certificates are extracted and assigned to the respective measuring equipment using the ID numbers.

Are there any restrictions on users or measuring equipment?

No, the respective number is not limited.

Is installation required?

No, it is pure cloud software that can be operated via any modern browser.

Is the cloud secure?

We use Microsoft Azure technology and only use servers in the Europe West region. You can find Microsoft information on data protection here

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