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eTool (CAD-Data)

What is the eTool?

eTool offers you CAD data as digital twins for the real product. Especially for process simulation, virtual tool combination and assembly, collision control and many other areas of application.

  • Far more than 750,000 tool data as 2D, 3D and text data for cutting and clamping tools
  • For use in CAD/CAM, simulation and tool management systems
  • Separation point information for assembling complete tools
  • All data can be obtained via eShop, Connected Data, ToolScout, and much more.

You save time and money in work preparation, get a high level of planning and process security and avoid tool and machine damage through the precise testing of collision points and machining paths during the process simulation. This enables an exact simulation of the machining processes and the exploration of machining limits as well as a reliable calculation of the machining time.

How does the eTool work?

  • Log in to your eShop account
  • Find your favorite product in the eShop and select the desired size
  • You can download the CAD data in the required formats via "CAD data".
etool DNA

Modules and functions

eTool data formats

  • 3D STP DIN (aligned to Z analogous to DIN4003)
  • 3D STP (oriented to X)
  • 3D SAT
  • 3D STL
  • 2D DXF
  • DIN 26100
  • TDM

eTool data collections

  • All CAD data by product number group
  • All new CAD data in a package as an update to the catalogue
  • Application-specific catalogs (TDM, ...)

Images and videos

etool instruction

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