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What is Connected Data?

You are an enthusiastic CAD/CAM programmer and master your systems. In addition to technical know-how, you also need tool data. Reliable, comprehensive and fast. However, the time-consuming search for application guidelines, technical dimensions, downloads or even the transfer from lists costs time and nerves!

This is exactly where Connected Data comes in, because we have expanded our digital service "ToolScout" with a tool data plug-in for the CAM solution MasterCam: In your CAD/CAM software you receive all the necessary tool and cutting data directly and at once via an interface click. In your desired CNC data format, complete and convenient.

In concrete terms, this means for you: time savings in CNC programming, always up-to-date technology and product data, avoidance of errors through direct import and a significant reduction in the workload in CNC programming.

How does Connected Data work?

You already work with MasterCam or Hypermill. Or you use the mdm shop floor management. Further CAD CAM systems will be connected successively.

You get access to a system library with comprehensive data on the machining processes of drilling, milling and threading.

Once installed, you will continuously receive the current extensions to data and processing methods free of charge - ask your personal contact person at the Hoffmann Group for the installation or use the following contact options!

Connected Data Key Visual

Modules and functions

Use of Algorithms

ToolScout algorithms are used to search for tools, including performance and torque checks for the planned machine.

Tool data plugin

Tedious searches for cutting data for the tool used in the material used are no longer necessary.

Dimensions do not have to be searched for in the catalog. Downloading CAD models, saving them locally and importing them into the CAM system are no longer necessary.




Which CAM systems can be connected with Connected Data?

You can use Connected Data with Hypermill from 2023, Mastercam 2021, 2022 and 2023 as well as with mdm Shop Floor Management.

Is an installation required?

Installation is required, we would be happy to support you with this.

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