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Workstation Configurator

What is the Workstation Configurator

With our Hoffmann Group Workstation Configurator, you can easily create your system workstation in 3D online - completely customised to your requirements and free of charge. This guarantees a flawless design of your workstation on your desktop or tablet.

How does the Workstation Configurator work

Thanks to the 3D visualisation, you can see your assembled workstation or workbench in real time and immediately recognise whether all the desired components are available. Suitable accessories are displayed directly and can be added with just one click. For flexible workstation and workbench design in the workshop, production or for assembly workstations - with workbench, packing table, workbench as well as perforated panels, drawers, work lights and much more.

You can save, share and customise your configurations at any time in the project management. Copy your workstation and workbench planning for a new project and then simply modify it. This allows you to flexibly plan your customised workstation in 3D at any time.

Modules and functions

Customised and tailor-made

On the first overview page, you can choose between electric or manually height-adjustable workstation tables. The worktable and workbench models form the basis for your next steps, for example to set up an assembly workstation.

Transparent and clear

The graphic 3D visualisation allows you to see immediately whether the future workstation meets all your requirements. Change box rails, perforated panels or brackets in the configuration at any time.

Intuitive and versatile

Now place items such as swivel arms, perforated panels, drawers, work lights, cabinets, shelves and other accessories. Simply select the available components from the toolbar to create a functional and ergonomic workstation.

Conveniently manageable

You can save your workstation or workbench planning as a project, call it up again, change it and delete it. Copy your configuration for a new project and simply change it.

Images and videos

workstation configuration
Workstation Configurator Product features
Overview list of all saved configurations

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