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Improved and digital calibration service - providing your calibration certificates in our digital calibration service. Access your calibration orders at any time, track the status and download the calibration certificates easily in your personal account.


  • Digital access to your calibration results
  • Download of your calibration certificates
  • Status tracking of your calibration orders
  • No installation required

What features does our calibration service offer you?

With our digital calibration service you have the possibility to view your calibration orders at any time. In your personal account you will find all your calibration orders in one place. You can easily track the status of your orders. After the calibration has been performed, we will digitally provide you with your calibration certificates. You can download them at any time using the download function. After a one-time registration on our digital service platform, you have free access to the digital calibration service.

Three steps to your digital calibration certificate

One-time registration on the Digital Service Platform

Only a one-time registration is required to access the calibration service. You can start your registration [HERE](https://gi.hoffmann-group.com/Account/SignUp?return_uri=%2Fconnect%2Fauthorize%2Fcallback%3Fscope%3Dorange_hub%2520license.all%26response_type%3Dcode%26client_id%3Dc7fcd9ca-b30c-491e-8506-7c5892adaaed%26redirect_uri%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fdsp.hoffmann-group.com%26state%3DeyJwYXRoIjoiIn0%253D%26code_challenge%3DWJhHABPirB7oxNEb2-lzurHKoD_Nx1QW0gY06nRYIMg%26code_challenge_method%3DS256). Note: Please make sure that you enter your e-mail address and customer number correctly. Please note that registration is only possible with a business e-mail address. Please also check your spam folder for the confirmation mail. The final activation of your account may take a few hours, as we need to verify some details.

Log-in with your user data in the calibration service

After a successful registration, you can log in with your user data at any time. To start the digital calibration service, click on "Calibration service".

Download calibration certificate

As soon as your product has been calibrated, you will find your calibration certificate in your personal account. You can easily download the file at any time.

Calibration service provided by our partner Trescal

Calibration is an important part of quality assurance. With Hoffmann and Trescal as your partners for the calibration of your measuring and testing devices, you can sit back and relax: We take care of the complete handling, the safe transport and the standard-compliant calibration and recalibration. Of course, we take into account all regulations and norms as well as the standards of your company. From inbound to preparation and laboratory to outbound - only specialized professionals work on your calibration order. Thanks to Trescal's extensive DAkkS accreditations, our experts calibrate a wide variety of measuring devices from different manufacturers on a daily basis - such as calipers, dial gauges, gauge blocks, micrometers and torque wrenches from GARANT, HOLEX, Mitutoyo, Mahr, Testo, Tesa and Stahlwille.

Get your calibrated tool in just a few steps

With our system box, your measuring and testing devices are delivered quickly and safely from you to us and back again. Thanks to completely digital processing, there is no need to print out delivery bills or calibration certificates. They are also stored centrally for 10 years and can be retrieved at any time. Simply send your measuring devices to our new address for recalibration. Our new service offer: Free rental box - free pickup by DHL - free return shipping from order value > 100 € and much more.

Request system box

Step 1

Via phone: +49 911 6581 6372 Via E-Mail: TEC-Kalibrieren@hoffmann-group.com The system box is available in two sizes Small 290 × 230 × 200 mm Large 450 × 350 × 300 mm

Shipping your measuring devices

Step 2

Send your measuring and test devices easily and free of charge (with shipping label DHL) to our calibration laboratory: Hoffmann Group - TechnologyCenter Poststraße 15 90471 Nürnberg Use our delivery bill and the DHL shipping label for fast order processing.

This is a heading

Shipping order calibration / recalibration order incl. processing instructions to send your measuring devices to us. DHL shipping label / retoure label for a free return shipment.

Use our professional service

Step 3

Our experienced employees recalibrate your measuring or test equipment and return it to you securely packaged. You can track the current status of your test equipment at any time in our digital calibration service.

Calibration certificates

Step 4

Your digital calibration certificates are stored centrally and can be retrieved as a PDF for 10 years. They are safe with us - we do not pass on any data to service providers. In addition to the official calibration certificate from our partner Trescal, you will receive an information sheet with all important data.

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What happens to my stored data?

Data protection is a top priority for us. We guarantee that your data is safe with us and that we do not pass it on to third parties (e.g. our partner Trescal). Thus, the cover sheet with all important customer-related data is created at Hoffmann after the calibration at the service provider.

What search options do I have to identify my measuring device in the digital calibration service?

During the calibration process, we apply a data matrix code (DMC) using a sticker. This simplifies the clear identification of your measuring devices significantly. In addition, you have the possibility to identify your measuring equipment by means of the vendor serial number as well as your customer inventory number. Using the search function in the calibration service, you can easily find specific measuring devices with these characteristics.

Which service provider does Hoffmann work with for calibration services?

Our new calibration laboratory is one of the most modern in Europe. With Trescal, we have a partner on our side that has accredited laboratories worldwide and offers comprehensive knowledge in the field of testing, calibration and repair. Trescal has been a trusted partner in the chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, electricity and telecommunications industries since 1999. With more than 620 accreditations in 25 metrology disciplines, Trescal has access to a unique portfolio.

What are the differences between works standard calibration and DAkkS calibration?

1. DAkkS - Calibration Certificate Accredited calibration laboratories are connected to the national standards "on a short path" via reference standards. As an independent institution, DAkkS assesses, confirms and monitors the technical competence of these laboratories. By regularly checking the processes and the metrologically correct implementation of the calibration process, you can rely on your measurement results. Through multilateral agreements of the national accreditation bodies, the DAkkS calibration certificates are internationally recognized and valid. This avoids costly multiple accreditations. 2. Works Standard (ISO) Calibration Certificate In contrast to DAkkS calibration, works standard calibration is only traceable to the works standard and not to the national standard. As a result, the factory calibration is not recognized internationally by all operators. Trescal laboratories comply with the standard according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 without exception. This guarantees the traceability of calibrations and samples. Trescal also applies the same standards for a works standard calibration as for a DAkkS calibration.