In addition to sustainability and environmental awareness, the Koziol company also focuses on digitalization. That's why the innovative Connected Data plug-in from Hoffmann Group came just at the right time for the manufacturer of attractive plastic household articles.

Connected Data - Tool Data Plugin at Koziol

When it comes to simplifying and optimizing workflows, the Hoffmann Group is always good for a surprising innovation, especially in the digital segment. This also includes the small but fine Connected Data tool data plug-in, which provides all the necessary tool and cutting data directly at the click of a button via an interface. And it was precisely this that motivated Dominic Stegmüller to try out and use this new tool during the development phase. The CAM programmer with many years of experience in tool and mold making works for Koziol, a company based in the Odenwald town of Erbach, which specializes in the production of design articles and home accessories made of plastic.

Koziol worker stands in front of the computer in the production hall.

Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious

Mr. Stegmüller from Koziol finds it "always exciting when you can make something new happen." So when the Hoffmann Group approached him with Connected Data, he was immediately on board. And now, after the first test phase, the toolmaker is extremely enthusiastic about the digital tool. He is particularly impressed by the ease of use: "Connected Data is basically structured in exactly the same way as the Mastercam tool manager, which means that you don't need any training time and simply use the plug-in in parallel. If I notice during the work process that I'm missing a tool, I open the corresponding window and select the desired tool. And it's precisely because it works so simply that I find it simply ingenious." What's particularly pleasant about Connected Data is that it was already so stable in the beta phase. Two or three meetings via teams were enough to get people working with it. There was no trace of teething problems. And if there was ever a problem, it was quickly solved. The only thing Stegmüller can criticize is the fact that Toolaktuell only works with drilling, threading and milling tools. Turning tools are not available - but as the product matures, the Hoffmann Group will give this the right thought.

Better, safer, more precise

The fact is that anyone who uses Connected Data saves time in CNC programming because they always have the latest technology and product data. Dominic Stegmüller has also identified another decisive advantage for himself: "Data security and geometry security are very important for me, because thanks to this plug-in I receive a 1:1 geometry of my tool. That means I know exactly what my object will look like in the end, and that's a very nice thing. This is where the time factor comes into play again, and just a better, more secure data set.

Koziol worker sits in front of the PC

Tiresome searching is no longer necessary

Stegmüller's colleagues also get along excellently with Connected Data, as it is basically self-explanatory and involves work processes that are already familiar. The same applies to the case of a material change. This is where the mold maker goes into raptures: "If we want new cutting values, these are transferred from the Hoffmann world and I can continue seamlessly. There is no need for tedious searching. I specify a different material, have everything recalculated and I have my result." And last but not least, Stegmüller praises the collaboration with the Hoffmann Group "the easy handling of the data, and the possibility to then order directly in Connected Data. I get something suggested, which I can then transfer directly to the shopping cart. And with two clicks, I've triggered my order, which I have the very next day."

Two production workers are talking while working

Koziol ideas for friends GmbH

Koziol has been producing at the company site in Erbach/ Odenwald in Germany since 1927. And with an unusual vertical range of manufacture: design, development, construction, mold making, production, shipping and administration are all under one roof, in one place. Thanks to its philosophy of producing all products exclusively in Germany to this day, Koziol stands for responsible, future-oriented action and design with a clear conscience. Since January 1, 2013, Koziol has been producing exclusively with green electricity. When purchasing materials, suppliers from Germany are clearly preferred. Likewise, manufacturing under one roof makes long transport routes unnecessary. Winner of the German Sustainability Award 2021. For more information, visit

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