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What is oee.ai Manufacturing Intelligence?

Are you responsible for expensive machinery and have the task of getting as much out of the investment as possible? Then we are pleased that you have found us here. With oee.ai we help you to determine the productivity of your production in real time, to identify productivity potential and to motivate your employees for optimization. By using oee.ai you get the maximum out of your production - together with your team. In the following sections we give you an overview of oee.ai. Production optimization is complex, the environment is dynamic, technology is developing rapidly. This description only gives a small overview. So let us also talk about your specific requirements. Because no production is like the other.

oee.ai realizes manufacturing intelligence

Modules and functions

Individual reports adapted to your needs

The widget-based reporting of oee.ai can be configured individually and in a language of your choice. A wide range of reports are available: Top availability, performance and quality losses separated by categories, various KPI from OEE to MTTR or MTBF as well as most different time series analyses are usable. This flexibility allows you to generate exactly the evaluations that you and your colleagues need to work effectively. The colleagues in maintenance need a report that shows and analyzes all technical losses - no problem! Or a report for the management with the most important KPI of each production plant - very simple!

Up-to-date information at the push of a button

In order to initiate the right reactions in maximum reaction speed, you always need up-to-date information. oee.ai offers you all the necessary production information through real-time recording and evaluation of current events to actively intervene while the problem is still present and thus ensure the production goals. Through the real-time visualization of the system statuses as well as automated information processes, the correct reactions can be initiated promptly - for example, a currently increased quality scrap can be detected and a person responsible for production can be notified as a reaction.

Make selected evaluations available on the store floor

oee.ai considers employees as an elementary part of service creation and, due to their domain knowledge, as essential information carriers for improvement activities. Accordingly, we see the provision of information on the store floor as a significant contribution to increasing effectiveness. With the individually configurable Andon-Boards oee.ai therefore offers a digital possibility to provide information on plant status and current performance at any time at the place of value creation. The collected data is evaluated and prepared for the specific display in the production. In this way, employees and their managers are always up to date.

One step ahead thanks to AI analyses and social manufacturing

Everyone has data, but only a few have information. For this reason, we at oee.ai are not satisfied with just collecting data and displaying it. We want to create added value through information! To do this, we evaluate data streams using AI algorithms and advanced analytics: Anomalies (e.g. accumulations of root causes of disturbances) are identified, disturbances are predicted, suggestions for action can be made. An algorithm library enables quick results - and also an entry point for newcomers in this field. In addition, employees are actively involved in the improvement process to increase their commitment. Gamified visualizations and messages are available at oee.ai for this purpose. For example, positive trends (e.g. reduction of setup times, increase of MTBF) are recognized by algorithm and displayed on Andon Boards.

Connection of heterogeneous plants from one source

From equipment without any control system to modern equipment with OPC UA server. We connect almost any plant - at a fixed price. For this purpose, we have been working for many years with experienced partners from the field of automation technology in order to provide you with a reliable and technically experienced solution. Of course, the warranty of the plant by the manufacturer remains unaffected. We remain responsible for the overall project management. Connectivity is a one-time cost during installation, and the technology is always designed to be flexible for future needs.

Uncomplicated extensibility thanks to our SaaS model

oee.ai offers a flexible licensing model. You can try out oee.ai with a proof-of-value and quickly gain initial insights on your prioritized equipment. Afterwards, the installation can then grow step-by-step in an uncomplicated way within a tiered licensing model. You rent oee.ai as a software-as-a-service model, so you don't have to amortize any investment and can regularly and flexibly adapt the contract to your needs.

Images and videos

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screenshot from system
screenshot from system
Screen in manufacturing
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How does the data transfer to oee.ai work?

As a manufacturing intelligence platform, oee.ai must be supplied with equipment data. Input information is usually transmitted via an MQTT message or a REST API call. These messages or calls can be easily generated by different connectivity variants. oee.ai is thus connectivity agnostic. An overview and explanation of the different connectivity variants can be found HERE. We have experience with all connectivity variants. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I customize the oee.ai system according to my needs?

Although oee.ai provides large amounts of information, we know that not all of it is relevant to each of our users. For this reason, oee.ai enables the creation of customized cockpits, evaluations, reports and andon boards that allow each user to get a snapshot of the information they consider relevant, either in real time or as an aggregation of data over a period of time. By creating evaluations customized to the needs of departments, teams or even individual users, oee.ai thus enables fully personalized information tailored to their needs.

Does oee.ai also work with small batch sizes?

OEE is an accepted metric for high-volume processes, such as filling or packaging processes, and is also common in industries with medium batch sizes of, for example, a few dozen products. However, developments in IoT technology also make it possible to apply OEE to very small batch sizes or very long cycle processes - down to batch size 1. The metric can play out the same advantages that have made it attractive in large batch environments. A detailed description of the recording and calculation of OEE for small batch sizes can be found HERE.

Where can I learn more about OEE and oee.ai?

Innovation is the key to successful companies. We are committed not only to continuously develop the oee.ai app, but also to contribute to the qualification of employees - in the form of modern online courses and books, as well as whitepapers and professional articles. If you are interested, you can find more information here: Udemy course and OEE Book You can find much more information on our homepage (German only).

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