Calculation of components 80% faster: How digitization helps contract manufacturer JUCOWA remain competitive

Jukowa Andreas Kanz

Calculate costs up to 80% faster

"Thanks to the AI-based calculation by up2parts we were able to reduce the time for calculations by 80 %. It’s ideal for a contract manufacturer with daily changing orders and customers." Andreas Kanz, Managing Director JUCOWA Metallbearbeitung GmbH.

Small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses are under more and more pressure to increase their competitiveness. One solution is to submit more quotes in the same time. The AI-based software solutions offered by up2parts GmbH promise revolutionary progress, such as automated creation of work schedules and quotes in up to 80 % less time. The up2parts vision is to pave the way to digital production for manufacturing businesses. up2parts aims to create a digital and efficiency-optimized manufacturing process chain from start to finish – with increased efficiency even from batch sizes as low as 1. The company founded in 2019 has launched the software solution up2parts calculation. This solution helps up2parts customers – usually contract manufacturers with orders and clients that change daily – to automate pricing and quote creation so that they can speed up calculation and create submission-ready quotes within seconds.

JUCOWA believes in digital processes

For instance, the metalworking company JUCOWA Metallbearbeitung GmbH has saved machines, materials, customers and components centrally in up2parts and can now use the software to calculate component prices and create work schedule and deadline proposals automatically. Thanks to up2parts, JUCOWA now generally submits quotes in 80 % less time.

Man in front of pc

A finished quote in just a few clicks

Users of up2parts calculation can create a quote in just three steps: The automatic component analysis is started by uploading a CAD model. Within seconds, users receive a work schedule proposal including the calculation for the desired component. Just two clicks are needed to create a submission-ready quote.

Auto-adaptive Artificial Intelligence

The heart of up2parts is the company’s own algorithm. It combines component information from CAD models with the processes and manufacturing expertise that already exist in the respective manufacturing business. The up2parts software involves continuous training of the customized Artificial Intelligence, ensuring that it has knowledge of company-specific strategies and timing after only ten calculations and the first work schedule.

Cloud-based software – simple & intuitive

Despite complex background processes, up2parts is just as intuitive and user-friendly as your Netflix account at home. up2parts is cloud-based, meaning it requires no installation.

A great advantage: real manufacturing experience

One unique feature of up2parts is its history. The software company grew from the software department of BAM GmbH, a contract manufacturer with approximately 150 employees and 40 machines. Thanks to its profound knowledge of processes, up2parts has a unique, new and above all digital approach to manufacturing. The two companies maintain a close partnership.