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With Spanflug Make, you can calculate quote prices for turning parts and milling parts in 1 minute, based on CAD models and technical drawings. Get started immediately, with no data set, configuration, or high initial investment.


  • Calculate quotes in an instant
  • Reduce efforts for quoting by up to 90%
  • Reproducible, market driven prices
  • Start immediately without your own database
  • Configured in just a few steps

Fast and easy to use price calculation for CNC manufacturers

With Spanflug Make, you get your price calculation for turning and milling parts done with a few mouse clicks. The automated price calculation is based on CAD models (STEP).

Turned parts and milled parts from Spanflug

In addition to the CAD model, you can automatically extract further parameters (e.g. specific tolerances, fits and threads) from the technical drawing. A comprehensive stock database with more than 50 materials and a selection of more than 20 post-treatments are available as standard. Spanflug Make is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. You can register within a minute and immediately calculate prices for CNC parts without any further installation. Try the Spanflug solution for 14 days free of charge and without any obligation. After the trial period, you can continue to use Spanflug Make as a monthly or annual subscription, without high initial investment and maintenance costs. The subscription prices are transparent and easy to budget for. Spanflug Make is a cloud-based solution that you simply access via your browser. No need to invest into own hardware or run installations.

This is how you benefit through Spanflug Make

Turned parts and milled parts from Spanflug Process Picture

Save valuable time

With Spanflug Make you can handle price calculations quickly and easily and respond faster to customer inquiries. In this way, you relieve your technical staff of administrative tasks, and they can focus entirely on manufacturing. Once set up, pricing can also be handled by non-technical staff.

Win more profitable orders

Optimize the hit rate of your quotes and calculate reproducible prices in line with the market.

Customized to your operation within a few steps

Man in manufacturing in front of drills

Spanflug Make is ready to use based on preconfigured parameters. To achieve a result closer to your individual operation, you can optimize the calculation in just a few steps. You have the possibility to create your individual CNC machines with the corresponding hourly rates in your account and thus adapt the price calculation to your machine shop. In addition to the machine tools, you can customize the following calculation settings for your machine shop: cutting values, cost of materials, set-up costs, margin and overheads. We are happy to support you with the configuration. Upon request, we also conduct individually tailored training on site or remotely.

This is how it works

Automatic parts analysis

Spanflug analyzes the geometry and manufacturability of the parts using the CAD model (STEP). All other relevant details such as fits, threads and tolerances are automatically extracted from the technical drawing (PDF). Manual entries are not necessary, but all extracted values can be manually adjusted if needed.

Individual manufacturing process

Our price calculation is based on the actual manufacturing process. By adjusting the calculation settings and the machine tools, you can fine tune the calculation for your company with just a few clicks.

Leading platform technology

Our technology was developed for the Spanflug platform and is internationally leading in the field of CNC machining. As a user of Spanflug for Manufacturers, you will continue to benefit from all improvements in the future and secure important competitive advantages in the long term.

Proven calculation algorithm

With our pricing algorithm, you can create a quotation in just one minute. The algorithm is based on our extensive expertise in CNC machining and has been optimized using thousands of parts.

Highest security standard for sensitive data

Technical data such as CAD models and engineering plans often contain critical know-how and are subject to particularly high confidentiality requirements. To meet these requirements, we ensure highest standards in data security. Technical data is processed exclusively on servers that are certified according to ISO 27001 in Germany and are managed by us. We rely on industry-standard best practices in software development. The connection to our servers is encrypted via TLS. Spanflug employees get access to parts data only after your approval, e.g. if needed to handle your support requests. The data can be deleted at any time after processing. We will be happy to conclude a non-disclosure agreement with you. Personal data is processed in accordance with the legal requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Spanflug Make
Spanflug Make – Monthly billing
Monthly billing
per month
Starter pack: Onboarding with an expert
Cancellable monthly
Up to 2 users
Each additional user € 119 / month
Floating license
Unlimited calculations
Location / device independent
Spanflug Make – Annual billing
Annual billing
per month
Starter pack: Onboarding with an expert
Annually cancellable
Up to 2 users
Each additional user € 99 / month
Floating license
Unlimited calculations
Location / device independent

Customer Service

Any questions? Our costing experts are available at any time to answer your questions or give you an individual product demonstration. We will be happy to assist you with the configuration and provide advice and support throughout the term of your subscription. If desired, we can also conduct individually tailored training sessions on-site or remotely. Contact us.

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What is Spanflug Make?

Spanflug Make is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution that allows you to automatically calculate manufacturing times and quote prices for turning and milling parts.

Is it possible to test Spanflug Make?

Yes, you can sign up here and for a 14 days free trial. In addition, we offer you an assisted 30-day trial as part of our starter package. During the assisted trial, our specialists will be happy to provide you with premium support in adapting the system to your business to achieve the optimal calculation result.

Is it possible to save calculations in order to process follow-up requests more quickly?

Yes, you can archive parts, calculations and quotations with Spanflug Make and recall for subsequent requests.

Can the calculation be customized to my operation?

You have the possibility to set up your CNC machines. However, you can also use the software without the individual machines based on preconfigured machine tools. In addition to the machine tools, cutting values, material costs, setup costs, margin and overhead costs can be adjusted.

Can quotations be managed and exported with the software?

Yes, you can add the automatically calculated quote prices to a quotation and export it as a csv file. You can then import this csv file into your ERP system for further processing.

Why should I adjust the calculation settings?

Spanflug Make makes quoting of turning and milling parts as easy and fast as possible. Via the settings you can optimize the calculation to your operation and your price level. Individual parts can then be calculated automatically without adjusting the configuration every time.

What happens to my data?

Your data will be used exclusively for your calculations. Our employees receive access exclusively according to the need-to-know principle to be able to process your support requests. Your data can be deleted at any time.

What are the technical requirements for using the software?

Spanflug Make is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution that runs in the web browser. All you need is a PC with Internet access and a web browser. No installation of the software or special hardware is required.

Which subscriptions can I choose from and what is the pricing?

We offer annual and monthly subscriptions. The monthly plan costs 349 € per month. With our annual subscription, you have the option to choose between annual billing (299 € per month) and monthly billing (309 € per month).